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What We Do

Main Street is a program that focuses on preservation- based economic development. We believe that in the restoration of our historic resources, the historic downtown district can successfully house a variety of  restaurants, retail, services, and entertainment (owned at the local level) to help boost the economy and give the community a shared place of history, civic pride, and fun for all ages.

We at Main Street Vero Beach are the advocates for the downtown historic district. We encourage locals and visitors to spend time in the area with our events, and through the promotion of our local businesses and restaurants. We also work to teach the historic significance of the downtown area, which was once the heart and center of the city when Vero Beach first began.

Why Main Street Matters? 

In the past, the word “downtown” brought to mind an image of a bustling center of commerce and activity. Too often today, the images are of vacant, deteriorating buildings.  With the help of Main Street Vero Beach, we are working to make downtown thrive again. MSVB encourages economic development and is dedicated to bringing jobs, dollars and people back to our historic district.

Why Support Main Street?  When a Main Street district is revitalized it:

  • Creates jobs……..A revitalized district attracts new industry and strengthens service and retail job markets.

  • Saves tax dollars…..Revitalization stabilizes and improves the area’s tax base, while also protecting existing investments.

  • Preserves the community’s historic resources…………In an economically healthy downtown, property owners can afford to maintain their historic buildings and preserve an important part of the community’s heritage.

  • Builds community pride……Main Street provides a public space for members from all areas of the community to come together, create new partnerships, and celebrate their downtown.

Main Street Vero Beach 2036 14th Ave,  Vero Beach, FL  32960  

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